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To all professional Denialists,  you don’t need to read any further…this is just another homeopathic anecdote that you can dismiss.

O.k… I have a patient who came to see me with 3 epidermal cysts (also sometimes called sebaceous cysts) on her face. They had slowly appeared over the preceeding few months & had become a permanent feature! Allopathic medicine offers it’s usual primitive ‘cure’ – burn the thing off (if the cyst is a small one), surgery if the cyst is larger, & the inevitable cortico-steroids & antibiotics if there is infection.

What can homeopathy do with these cysts? Well I thought I would try a mixture of several remedies – Hepar Sulph, Gunpowder, Myristica Seb & Silica. I prescribed this mixture in a low potency 3 times a day.

What happened? Within a week the 2 smaller cysts had disappeared & the larger one was a sight to behold! It was now large & angry looking…after another few days this one had discharged & a further week later the patient had lovely smooth skin again with no hint of the cysts.

A spectacular (and very visible) result for homeopathy. The patient reported that within moments of taking her remedy she could feel the area around the large cyst itching.

If Big-Pharma had a pill that got these kinds of rapid results with cysts I imagine that they would be shouting it from the rooftops!