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Really I should have kept this case for a Halloween themed post, but that is still many months away!
I recently treated a five-year-old member of my family for her night terrors. According to her mum she experiences them very frequently, & they are upsetting for all concerned.

I didn’t have the chance to talk to the patient or witness an episode of the night terrors, her symptoms were simply given to me secondhand over the phone. Her mum clearly described the remedy Stramonium (also known as Datura, a powerful hallucinogen purportedly used by witches in their ‘flying’ recipes).

So…I posted some Stramonium 200c off with instructions on how to take it.

It has been about 2 weeks now, & my little patient hasn’t had a single nightmare since taking her first pill!

What an amazing medicine homeopathy is, it can touch diseases & discomforts that allopathy just doesn’t have the tools to address.

Disclaimer: Stramonium won’t be the correct remedy to fix EVERYONE’S nightmares, although it is commonly indicated for this issue. As always in homeopathy, each case needs to be analysed individually.

If anyone has family members bothered by this sometimes-distressing occurrence, feel free to contact me & I’ll see if I can help.