A Paediatrician’s Contempt



I had a first consultation with a patient earlier this week. In this time we constructed a timeline together of her child’s life – from pre-conception right up to today. I’m looking for significant events, patterns, declines in health, toxins, changes. It’s amazing what this simple technique reveals time after time.


In this case, as in so many others, the mother told me the story of a healthy thriving boy meeting all his developmental milestones up until the MMR vaccine. After this event his health declined, he was sick for months, he lost eye-contact, speech, stopped smiling. He lost his appetite, his tummy became bloated, and constipation started with little balls being passed with difficulty. He began waking nightly every hour screaming in pain, shaking & twitching. He was seemingly stressed and angry most of the time he was awake. His mother described him as ‘like a robot’, there was no longer any connection with her or other members of the family. He retreated to ‘Ipad world’.  


The lady started investigating what was going on, and realised that these reactions were similar to other kids that had been damaged by the MMR vaccine. So, she went to her paediatrician to ask if there could be a link. He was extremely defensive and actually said,


“ If you are going to talk about vaccinations, I’m going to leave the room. “


Wow! So just outright stonewalling, denial, refusal to even consider the thought-crime that vaccines could have adverse reactions! It reminds me of a priesthood defending a religion, their faith, denying any evidence that contradicts the sacred texts.


Luckily, our heroine wasn’t going to be deterred, so she went to see his boss, the head paediatrician at that hospital. This time she was more prepared, she came armed with videos of her son…


Before: Happy, smiling, talking, looking at the camera.

After: sullen, agitated (in pain?), closed off in his own world with no speech.


The doctor actually started crying when she saw the contrast, but she said that they ‘weren’t allowed to say anything about vaccines’.


How have we come to the point where paediatricians are actually harming our children and then refusing to see the consequences of their actions? How has medicine gone so wrong?


So our heroine carried on, searching for help for her son. She was referred by her doctor to a dietitian due to her son’s very limited diet and appetite (those of you who have read my other posts will know my opinions about this ‘profession’!). He only wanted to eat chocolate and refused other foods, every meal time was a battle. Afterwards his stomach would bloat and he would be in obvious discomfort.  So the dietitian (who works for the NHS & whose ‘profession’ boasts of being ‘evidence based’) decided that this case of picky eating & poor appetite was just ‘behavioural’. Their advice: Give him as much chocolate as he wants. Eventually he will get sick of it & start trying other foods (!!!!). By now our lady was developing a healthy distrust for any NHS-sanctioned advice & ignored this lunacy. She visited a nutritionist (a profession routinely derided by internet trolls as woo-woo merchants) who immediately recommended zinc supplements. The appetite increased & pickiness decreased immediately.


The mother carried on her researches & a year later moved her son to a gluten free-dairy free diet (you know, the one dismissed by the NHS as nonsense). Within weeks his eye contact improved, he started smiling for the first time in over a year, he was able to follow directions, he slept better & stopped waking through the night in pain, his mood improved and he became calmer, the bloating reduced dramatically and his stools returned to normal.


More time passed & now the mum has come to see me to directly address the obvious vaccine damage, the diet is wonderful, but any return of gluten or dairy to the diet brings the symptoms right back. Hopefully through homeopathic treatment we can undo the damage, permanently reduce the gut & brain inflammation, and bring back this little boy’s health to where it is supposed to be.


Why am I writing this post? To shout from the rooftops & hope someone hears me! Our health systems have lost their way. Pharmaceutical companies have so corrupted medicine, public policy and scientific research  in their never-ending pursuit of profit, that millions of children are being hurt, and their life-potentials cut short. 


Whatever happened to ‘Primum Non Nocere’ (First, do no harm)? The modern day equivalent might read: ‘Dissimulo damnum ut animadverto’ (Pretend not to notice the harm (if there’s profit to be made)).

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