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biocare mindlinx

biocare mindlinx

A Probiotic designed for Autism: Mindlinx from Biocare

I had a presentation from Biocare today about probiotics, and I must say I’m completely sold on a new product of their’s called Mindlinx. It is a probiotic designed specifically for autistic children and is a mix of their LAB4 strains of bacteria which have been extensively researched and proven to be effective, and Glutamine to help repair the intestinal-lining & as a ‘brain food’.

Bacteria make up 95% of the cells in our body, and we are just beginning to begin understand them and their role in illness and health. It is a fascinating subject called ‘Microbiome’…I have a feeling that in the years ahead researchers will find increasing evidence that thoughts, emotions, traumas impact these bacterial populations. Once again I’m reminded of one of my favourite subjects, Dr Bach’s Bowel Nosodes. So homeopathy could return an unbalanced gut biota to health by using a remedy that addresses the original emotional state OR it could return it to balance using a bowel nosode to directly influence the bacterial growth?

Probiotics are often really beneficial to autistic children, many (most?) of whom have a compromised gut and immune system. The GAPS diet recommends a daily dose for autistic children, and that’s good advice. However I’d argue that we also need to find and address the CAUSE of the gut dysbiosis, what caused the bad bacteria to proliferate in the first place?

Good probiotics (like Mindlinx) will often include prebiotics, these are used as food by the good bacteria to get them working effectively and increase their numbers. Interestingly, the sugars in mother’s milk feed the baby’s good bacteria, the sugars in formula milk feed the bad bacteria… what a crazy situation!

Update: Biocare also do Mindlinx in powder form which may be more suitable for younger children.

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with Biocare in any way, and will receive no commission of any kind from them.