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I’ve had a sore back these past few days. It’s an old pain that I thought I’d fixed a few years ago with Traditional Chinese Medicine (it worked fantastically, removing a 5-year ache in about 5 weekly sessions).

Last night I, probably foolishly, played some capoeira which didn’t help my back at all(!), & went to bed with a real ache. I couldn’t sleep because of the discomfort, so I rummaged around in my remedies before settling on Bellis Perennis 30C (the common daisy)… I popped a couple of pills & almost instantly got that “ahhh” feeling when you can feel your tense muscles relaxing. I slept through the night after that.

This morning I was just having a read through the remedy as I still wasn’t convinced it was the closest match to my symptoms, I’d actually been looking for an Arnica, Ruta, Rhus Tox combination when I stumbled upon the bottle. It turns out it probably WAS the closest remedy, & as an interesting aside…I bought my first ever bottle of pickled onions to have with my lunch yesterday & today I read, one of the indications for Bellis P is…. cravings for pickled onions! I’ve also been particularly exhausted & thirsty these past few days & I also find that there are also Bellis P symptoms.

Bellis P was traditionally used for the bruised stiff backs that gardeners & farm workers get from overuse. It is also useful as a ‘deeper arnica’, I’ll often prescribe it to help people recover more quickly from surgery.