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Coronary heart disease accounts for 200,000 deaths in the UK each year…that’s one third of total deaths and the tragic thing is, it is mostly preventable.

Almost everyone knows that smoking, excessive drinking, stress, poor diet and  lack of exercise are the main causes of heart disease.  However what can we do if we or someone close to us is diagnosed with heart disease (apart from lifestyle changes)? Well… this is the little secret.

Simply start taking Crataegus (Hawthorn) mother tincture. This is completely safe, non-toxic, non-addictive and won’t interfere with any medication. The crataegus will gradually tone the heart, soften and remove plaque deposits, repair heart tissue and cause arteries to regain their elasticity (this along with the plaque removal will lower the blood pressure) .

Some homeopaths believe that anyone over 60 or 65 should be on crataegus as a matter of course. I agree and believe that if this medicine was more widely used we could dramatically lower the death rate from heart disease.

I am going to write to the British Heart Foundation and see if they would be interested in being involved in a trial of crataegus (I wouldn’t hold my breath!), I’ll let you know what happens!