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Today I want to share one of my autistic cases.

My patient is a boy of two-&-a-half . His parents brought him to me after a recommendation from an autism charity here in the UK.

His symptoms: He has been diagnosed with ASD (autistic spectrum disorder), he has delayed speech… he can’t even say “mummy” yet, he has poor eye-contact. He is calm & happy & doesn’t exhibit the behavioural problems of many autistic children.

However the worst symptom he experiences is severe colic & constipation. The poor little man spends much of his day in distress as the colic often begins after each meal. He also wakes up several times each night crying with distress. He also vomits from the colic around 5 – 6 pm each evening. He feels better for stretching backwards, twisting & from pressure applied to his abdomen. His autistic symptoms also worsen during these frequent colic attacks. Finally, he has been very constipated from birth.

He drinks alot of water & is thirsty all the time. He likes all food, but all dairy products makes his colic much worse.

His G.P has been unable to help with the symptoms. He is on ‘movicol‘ in the morning to try & address the constipation, & ‘gaviscon‘ after every meal for the colic. Neither seems to make much difference.

So, I prescribed him Plumbum Metallicum LM1. This is a homeopathic remedy made from lead & seemed to fit his symptoms very closely. I chose to give it in LM form as this is very gentle & the dose can be adjusted as required.

I spoke with his mum over Skype 5 weeks after the 1st appointment & she reported that his colic is “75% improved”. He doesn’t wake from the pain now, the vomiting has stopped & there are usually only 1 or 2 instances of discomfort in a week. His constipation has also resolved. The mum was eager to know when I was going to treat his autism symptoms now… but I feel that the colic & constipation are linked to his condition (perhaps there is lead toxicity in his system as his symptoms closely resemble cases of lead poisoning?) & I have asked that the remedy is continued for another month.

I feel this case is a great example of the enormous benefits homeopathy can offer those on the autistic spectrum…tremendous progress has been made in a very short period of time using this gentle, effective, inexpensive medicine.