Another Skeptic Plot

I’ve counted four broadsheet papers that have printed negative articles about homeopathy in the last week. This comes at the time that ‘professor’ Ernst (first professor of complementary medicine until he stepped down last year) published a paper once again saying ‘homeopathy is placebo, it shouldn’t be on the NHS’ (or somesuch nonsense). Cynical old me sees another orchestrated campaign against homeopathy in the media…once again following an agenda rather than searching for the truth (a bit like the policeman’s habit of finding a suspect, deciding he’s guilty, then searching for the evidence to prove it).

I presume the goal of this latest campaign is to stop more funding to the remaining NHS homeopathic hospitals at this time of ‘austerity’, despite the evidence of clinical effectiveness which might contradict their uninformed opinions.

I was interviewed by Rod Liddell from the Sunday Times last week for one of the anti-homeo pieces. I was filmed answering questions for 30 minutes, but only 11 seconds of my side was eventually included on the 5 minute video. (I’d provide a link, but unfortunately it’s subscription only). Now it was only an opinion piece, so I wasn’t expecting anything insightful, Rod came right out & told me at the beginning he thought homeopathy was nonsense…but then he also claimed most women who go to see homeopaths are ‘just nuts’, that most people who claim to have asthma actually don’t, & that many of the auto-immune diseases growing rapidly in the west are nonsense & ‘all in the mind’.

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  1. kevin morris March 28, 2012 at 10:58 am #

    I tend to ignore the skeptics. It was the great Tom Lehrer who once said, ‘Sharks gotta swim and bats gotta fly’ and what really is the point of focussing on the rather seemier side of life when there is so much positive news to announce about homoeopathy?

    There is an old story about a creature, say a scorpion, that has to cross a stream. He hails a passing sheep who says, ‘yes, I’ll let you cross the stream on my back but you must promise not to sting me.’ The scorpion promises, hops onto the sheep’s back but as he is about to hop off again at the other side, stabs the sheep.

    In his last dying breath the sheep says, ‘but you promised you wouldn’t!’ and the scorpion says, ‘yes, but stinging is what scorpions do!’

    That, I’m afraid, is my explanation for our good friend Prof Ernst. Like the scorpion, he just can’t help himself. As for the rest, well they are welcome to their opinions, and as homoeopaths, we must be prepared to accept that others have views that run counter to our own.

    Our forebears faced more or less exactly the same sort of ire from vested interests and frankly, we must learn to accept that with equanimity, for the general public don’t really care much for whiners, and I’m sorry to say that really is the way we often come over. The public are more than happy to take on board a therapeutic system that works and we must bear in mind that the efforts to undermine homoeopathy are evidence of our success. After all, if we were failing, the there would be no reason whatsoever for the skeptics.

    At the moment, my efforts are with the widespread dissemination of the Swiss Givernment sponsored study published in English as ‘Homeopathy in Healthcare: Effectiveness, Appropriateness, Safety, Costs’

    This study damns the excreble Shann meta study trotted out by the likes of Ernst to ‘prove’ homoeopathy doesn’t work, calling into question its methodology, whilst at the same time providing the fullest account of studies that demonstrate quite categorically that homoeopathy is highly effective.

    The Swiss Government reimburses individuals who are treated homoeopathically, not only because they have found such treatment to be highly effective, but because they have found it to be cost effective too.

    The study is available on Amazon.

  2. homeopathyuk March 28, 2012 at 7:37 pm #

    Hi Kevin , thanks for your comment & you’re right of course 🙂

    The readership of this blog is fairly constant, but there’s been a surge today with this post…most coming via Twitter. I’m guessing the scepticals have flagged it among themselves. It’s a funny old activity they are engaging in.

    The Swiss report is nice to see. A little birdy tells me there will be a few more pieces of evidence coming out this coming year.

    Anyway, my job is to continue making a thriving practice & get my patients better 🙂

  3. kevin morris March 28, 2012 at 9:25 pm #

    You sum it up nicely, Alan: ‘continue making a thriving practice and get my patients better’.

    We are really priviledged being able to do what we do for healing the sick is an honourable and a noble profession. Contrast that with the antics of our good friend Professor Ernst and his chums who earn their livings as purveyors of lies.

    I know where I would rather be and you obviously do too!

    Best wishes,


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