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autism fever

Give me a chance to create fever and I will cure any disease

Parmenides (ancient Greek physician)

In a curious piece of synchronicity, a few weeks ago I found myself hearing about the beneficial effects of a fever on some children with autism from both a patient’s personal experience, and from a piece of research reported in the media.

What can sometimes happen is that the child can lose some or ALL of their autistic symptoms whilst in a fever, only to regain them again after it subsides. This is absolutely fascinating to me and corroborates my own beliefs that:

  • Autism is NOT an irreversible genetic condition (though genetics undoubtedly play a part)
  • Autism is NOT caused by irreversible tissue change (in structures in the brain for example)
  • Fevers are GOOD, they are one of our bodies most powerful ways of self-healing. Unfortunately we often work against this by giving our children antipyretics (ibuprofen or aspirin)

If the ASD symptoms disappear when in a fever, this to me suggests that it is a functional rather than pathological condition. Functional diseases are often much easier to treat as there has been no gross tissue change. This corroborates what I see in my practice, ASD children can often begin responding to homeopathic remedies almost immediately. This just wouldn’t be seen if autism actually caused tissue change (in the brain for example).

Autism Cured By Fever?

Remedies CAN help pathological conditions, one example is the case I mentioned a few months ago with the terrible cramps in her legs caused by severe arteriosclerosis in the leg arteries, but it would be expected that months of treatment would be necessary before any tissue change was effected.

Interestingly there is a well established type of healing called ‘fever therapy’ –  artificially inducing high fevers to cure various ailments, there was a doctor in the US at the beginning of the 20th century with a remarkable record of curing cancer patients in this way.

I’ve often observed that my ASD patients start throwing fevers (and then consequently make great gains) as part of their process of cure, and their parents remarking that they had thrown no fevers until they started homeopathic treatment.

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