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I have just finished reading the excellent ‘The Age of Autism’ , which clearly and convincingly makes the case for the massive increase in mercury exposure (via environmental pollutants and especially as adjuvants in vaccines) being the main cause for the massive increase in the incidence of ASD (Austistic Spectrum Disorders).

HOWEVER I have found in my practice that this isn’t the whole story. Emotional trauma is a major factor in children’s susceptibility. There is a case mentioned in the book of a Somalian community living in Minnesota with a MUCH higher incidence of autism than the general population. Some researchers believe that this is probably because, as refugees, they would have received all their childhood vaccinations in Somalia, and then again on arriving in the US. This ‘double whammy’ then tipped many of them into autism. However I’d suggest that it was probably the extreme emotional trauma of coming from a war-ravaged and lawless country which set up the susceptibility, THEN the vaccinations in the US tipped them over. We can see this pattern again with a group of Congolese children in London that go to a Special Needs school. They too have come from a very traumatic background, and then been vaccinated on arrival here, and again their community shows a very high incidence of ASD.

Emotional trauma lies behind a lot of conditions that I treat, and it doesn’t have to have been experienced directly by the children to have devastating effects on them. Mothers ‘hold’ patterns of emotions and these can get transferred to their children. So if the mother has had some terrible trauma years before her pregnancy and hasn’t processed it, I’ll often find that the child needs treated AS IF THEY HAD EXPERIENCED THE TRAUMA! Luckily, homeopathy has many tools for addressing emotional states. (note: I’m aware that these states are not measurable with any medical tests, so I’d ask you to take it on faith and judge me by the results!)

The good news is: This stuff is treatable. Homeopathy is able to undo these ‘stuck’ emotional patterns (even ones that are inherited), which then frees-up a person’s healing energy to start physical repair. It is also able to remove the toxins like mercury and aluminium gently from a persons body. As this happens, the ASD and PANDAS symptoms will often begin to resolve.