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HMA results

The picture above shows the heavy-metal load in the tissues of an autistic boy. The data was taken from two HMAs (Hair Mineral Analysis) conducted by Doctors Data. The first one (on the left) was measured in October 2013, the second (right) is from May 2014. As you can see, the results indicate that his toxic load of metals has been considerably reduced over the past six months. This was achieved following a homeopathic treatment protocol that gradually detoxes the metals from the body.

In my form of treatment it is sometimes difficult to show a quantitative result. Parents may report an improvement in symptoms, school may report improved academic results, doctors may even (reluctantly) concede that the child no longer meets the criteria to be diagnosed as ‘autistic’, but it’s always great to be able to show a repeatable, measurable change.

Notice how the total toxic load had been reduced over the six months. Qualitatively the child’s autistic symptoms have also been improving over this time. For example his parents are reporting improved language skills, though many autistic traits still remain at this time. There is clearly more toxicity present than ‘just’ heavy metals, we are currently removing any problems that may have been caused by his mother’s IVF treatment.

This case nicely demonstrates several things:

-That, certainly in some cases (and I believe most cases), autism is actually a state of toxicity. Remove the toxins and the autistic symptoms reduce. This should be fantastic news for all those parents out there with kids on the spectrum.


– Behavioural interventions, while often helpful, can’t address the underlying reasons behind autism. The most they can do is help the child adapt to it’s toxic state as best it can.


– Homeopathic remedies can affect measurable change on a human body.

For anyone who is interested in having a HMA for anyone in their family, I recommend using Doctors Data. You will need a practitioner to refer you, so drop me a line & we can easily arrange this through Regenerus Labs.


This patient is also under the care of Lucinda Miller who is providing nutritional support & has been giving a supplement called zeolite which can also help to detox metals such as mercury.

This is the real world not a lab, and parents are obviously  doing everything they can to recover their children. So it is always impossible to isolate what specific intervention, or combination of interventions has helped this child to significantly reduce his metal toxicity in only six months. My experience leads me to believe that it is a combination of my homeopathic metal detox with Lucinda’s supplements. His mineral levels were so depleted at the beginning of treatment that it is unlikely that the homeopathic remedies could have worked alone.


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Alan freestone

June 2014