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Research published this month in the International Journal of Oncology has demonstrated the beneficial effects of homeopathic medicines on breast cancer cells.

Homeopaths have been getting wonderful results with cancers for 200 years…hopefully now we will see more research into this condition that allopathic medicine has proven itself unable to get to grips with (despite TRILLIONS of dollars of research).

Ultra-dilutions work, homeopaths see this every day. How refreshing to see the first glimmerings of research science waking up to this phenomena.

Unfortunately there will be nothing profitable & patentable at the end of  research into the effects of ultra-dilutions, so I’ve got no idea where the funds might come from!

It is good to see a little good news in the media after the well funded & orchestrated anti-homeopathy campaign of the last few months.

As Ghandi once said:

First they ignore you, then they mock you, then they fight you, then you win.