A Day In The Life of a Homeopath: I

As something of an antidote to the ‘homeopathy doesn’t work’ drumbeat continuously heard from the corporate media, I thought I’d start a little series of posts where I’ll talk about my day-to-day experiences as a practicing homeopath. No details will be changed or exaggerated, but none of my patient’s identities will be revealed. This is […]

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How to Heal MMR Vaccine Injury

I recently received a testimonial from a patient which I’ll share below. This is the case of a 6-year-old boy who regressed after his MMR vaccinations. The boy had normal development, meeting his milestones up until 2 years old when he received his MMR vacc. Immediately after this he got what looked like a ‘boil’ […]

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I Treat Vaccine Damage Everyday, Yet They Tell us it isn’t Real

I treat a lot of autistic kids, 800+ over the past three years. On the first appointment with a family I’ll build a timeline of the child’s life, starting before it’s conception and continue right up to the present day. I’m looking for ‘red flags’, events that may have caused some of the child’s symptoms. […]

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How a Vaccine Detox helped a Little Girl’s Drawing

A pleased mummy has emailed me two drawings that her little girl made 6 weeks apart. As you will see, there’s an amazing improvement. Here’s an extract from the email, …she has made really good progress. We are delighted. She responded well from the start and that has continued. The gains have been made across […]

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A Paediatrician’s Contempt

  I had a first consultation with a patient earlier this week. In this time we constructed a timeline together of her child’s life – from pre-conception right up to today. I’m looking for significant events, patterns, declines in health, toxins, changes. It’s amazing what this simple technique reveals time after time.   In this […]

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Global Developmental Delay – A Case Study

  Global Developmental Delay – A Case Study. I have become known, perhaps, as ‘the guy that detoxes vaccines’. So I thought I’d share a case-study that isn’t about detoxing anything!   A lady brought her child to me with a diagnosis of ‘Global Developmental Delay’. The little girl was 4 years old. Her main […]

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My Approach to Treating PANDAS/PANS – WEBINAR June 3rd 2016 at 1pm GMT

For any parent coping with a child with PANDAS/PANS, this webinar may be for you. In it I will share what I’ve learned treating several hundred cases of PANDAS/PANS. I’ll give a quick over-view of treating PANDAS/PANS using homeopathy. I will talk about how I came up with my PANDAS treatment protocol and when I use […]

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PANDAS case-study

Cow trumps Panda – A PANDAS Case-Study

Forgive the strange title, this is a case-study where I use a homeopathic remedy called Pyrogen (which is made from a steak that was left out in the sun for 2 weeks!) to greatly alleviate a teenage girl’s PANDAS symptoms. This is still an ongoing case, so I won’t reveal too much. The girl is […]

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How Corporations Manipulate The Media

The ‘charity’ Sense About Science was paid by Coca-Cola to attack research linking sugary drinks to a large increase in diseases & deaths. The Guardian newspapers favourite source of anti-natural medicine propaganda, Sense About Science, have once again been implicated in a scandal about the corporate funding of lobbying groups. This time round, leaks from a […]

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