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Once again the media publishes a gushing account of how we are on the brink of a ‘cancer treatment revolution’.

This time it is Sir David Lane, chief scientist of Cancer Research UK no less, telling us we’re going to live forever in techno-utopia thanks to the pharmaceutical industry. Inevitably the trials will show the new substances have less effect than the researchers had hoped.  However a few products will be launched to great fanfare, and at a cost of billions, only for it to be discovered after a few years that they have horrendous side-effects.

How do I know all this? Because it is a pattern that has repeated itself many times in the past 100 years. Apparently the Guardian’s science editor doesn’t know this! These people are still labouring under the delusion that they just need to find a ‘magic bullet’ for cancer & it will fix everything…this isn’t ‘science’, it’s an infantile belief in redemption-through-progress.

As homeopaths realised many years ago….people get sick if they have Susceptibility.

People with cancer in their families, who have a stressful unsatisfying job, who have lifestyle factors known to increase the risk of cancer (smoking, excessive drinking, excessive red meat, lack of proper nutrition, lack of exercise), live or work in a toxic environment and have an inability to express their emotions  are increasing their susceptibility to cancer. This isn’t rocket science…it doesn’t need a nobel prize. Coincidentally (or not) fixing these factors won’t make a pharmaceutical company billions of pounds, or require Cancer Research UK to be given 100s of millions of pounds every year!

So…fix the lifestyle factors and see a homeopath to deal with the emotional suppression and the cancerous inheritance from your family. This will dramatically decrease your susceptibility.

Simple really, but I guess this doesn’t make such a good story….or so much money.