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As I mentioned in my previous post on cancer & homeopathy, I had some correspondence with Cancer Research UK. I had asked them if they had paid for any research into the homeopathic treatment of cancer (there is afterall voluminous anecdotal evidence stretching back 200 years!).  They replied commenting that as there was no evidence that homeopathy works they couldn’t pay for research. My second email provided examples of quality homeopathic research with statistically significant results. Unfortunately they replied a few days ago with a generic ‘we’re very busy, bugger off’ letter.

At least I have tried to build bridges. Their reply just stregthens my conspiracy theory that most charities exist for themselves… it is in Cancer Reasearch UK’s interest to feed the media a story of slowly increasing incremental improvements in cancer treatments (whatever the reality is) over the next five decades, rather than sponsor research into radical treatments that in my opinion would dramatically improve mortality rates.