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I’ve been trying for several months now to cure my allergy to cats. It means that I get really agitated & can’t spend too long in anyone’s house that has a cat. I remember a friend lending me a scarf & even that set my symptoms off because of the few cat hairs on it!

I’ve tried a few solutions over the past 6 months:

Isopathy: I took cat hair back in homeopathic potency. It helped a bit.

Polypharmacy: I mixed the common allergy remedies together (arsenicum album & a few others). It seemed to reduce the severity of the symptoms a little.

Miasmatic Prescribing: I’ve taken the miasmatic nosodes (psorinum, Tuberculinum, syphillinum, medhorrinum) in a program, didn’t seem to do very much(!)…I was expecting to have my world rocked by this program.

Vaccine Detoxing: (Still ongoing) I’m gradually detoxing the many vaccines I’ve had over the years…each time I take a remedy this generally results in cold symptoms for a few days. Eventuallly I’m hoping that this will help turn off my immune-response to cat hair.

Organotheraphy (kind of): I reasoned that I was having a histamine response, so I just needed to take histamine back in potency. It worked a bit, seemed to slightly reduce the severity of the symptoms.

Finally…when I had almost given up hope I tried…

Physical Generals: My colleague spent 5 minutes taking my three strongest physical symptoms & reportorising them. They were: a constricted throat, dry cough, pressure on my chest. The remedy that came up most strongly was Bromium. I took a 200c & BAM! All symptoms disappeared! I’ll be honest, I was amazed. Homeopathy never ceases to impress me.

And… once again traditional homeopathy trumps my fancy prescribing theories!