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Global Developmental Delay – A Case Study

  Global Developmental Delay – A Case Study. I have become known, perhaps, as ‘the guy that detoxes vaccines’. So I thought I’d share a case-study that isn’t about detoxing anything!   A lady brought her child to me with a diagnosis of ‘Global Developmental Delay’. The little girl was 4 years old. Her main […]

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PANDAS case-study

Cow trumps Panda – A PANDAS Case-Study

Forgive the strange title, this is a case-study where I use a homeopathic remedy called Pyrogen (which is made from a steak that was left out in the sun for 2 weeks!) to greatly alleviate a teenage girl’s PANDAS symptoms. This is still an ongoing case, so I won’t reveal too much. The girl is […]

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Case-study: Vaccine-induced ADHD Cured by Homeopathy

Patient C Male, 18 years old Presenting complaint: Severe ADHD (diagnosed at 6 years old), OCD, low self-esteem, social anxiety, malnourished looking. Current medication: Concerta (methylphenidate) for past 12 years.   Prescription: An 8-week homeopathic detox of  Concerta (methylphenidate) that he’s been on for 12 years + Gaertner 30c + Syphillinum 200c Followed by an 8-week homeopathic […]

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Handwriting Improved With Homeopathy

 Sometimes pictures speak louder than words. The pictures below show the improvements in handwriting in one month of homeopathic treatment! The child in question is 6 years old and is being treated for delayed development. She is doing fantastically well on her homeopathic remedies. In addition to the improvements in handwriting, as well as other […]

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Fear of Driving – a case study

This case shows how effective homeopathy can be when there is a clear aetiology (cause) A few months ago a patient was referred to me with a fear of driving. He couldn’t drive on motorways, dual-carriageways, on busy roads, or on any roads he was unfamiliar with.  He also couldn’t exceed 40 miles per hour. […]

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A Sleeplessness case

I spoke to a lady last week who wanted treatment for her husband. He falls asleep easily, but wakes up again every night between 2am & 4am, and doesn’t sleep after that. I could find no obvious cause for the sleeplessness, he was just a bit of a worrier regarding his business. So…I took a […]

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A Dust Allergy Case

I had a case earlier this week of a gentleman in his early 60s that was very pleased to have landed a role in a long-running West End musical. He came to see me about his dust allergy which was causing his throat to feel full of catarrh, making him anxious that he wouldn’t be […]

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A case of night terrors

Really I should have kept this case for a Halloween themed post, but that is still many months away! I recently treated a five-year-old member of my family for her night terrors. According to her mum she experiences them very frequently, & they are upsetting for all concerned. I didn’t have the chance to talk […]

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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Practice Lessons – Don’t change the remedy too soon!

Like most homeopaths I suppose, I am haunted by the idea that all my patients are going to come back & report that ‘nothing’s changed’. Because of this wavering faith in my abilities I often prescribe more than one remedy over the course of a month & repeat the doses often. Usually this works out […]

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