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I’ve been Hacked!

I know I’ve been poor at regularly posting on my website. I have a good excuse – when I posted I tended to get new enquiries and I became overwhelmed with these, so I stopped posting. BUT, I still wanted to talk about my cases so I posted it elsewhere. Yes, I deliberately posted somewhere […]

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Thinking Moms’ Revolution eConference

  I’m pleased to announce that I’m one of the seven speakers at the Thinking Moms’ Revolution (TMR) eConference. Here is the ‘blurb’, please send me a comment if you plan to sign up for the event. The Thinking Moms’ Revolution is proud to present an exciting eConference by seven world-class homeopaths from the USA, […]

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Autism Cure – A Case Study

This case study highlights what can be achieved with homeopathy in a difficult and complex case. The little boy had a tragic start in life, and when first seen was presenting with a wide range of problems. Initially his mum came for help with his PANDAS symptoms (Rage, OCD, recurring streptococcal infections) but after seeing […]

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Treating HPV Vaccine Damage

As some of you may be aware, I have been treating cases of HPV vaccine (Gardasil & Cervarix) damage over the past year. I am very pleased to see that fantastic charities such as Sanevax have done some incredible work to bring the matter of HPV vaccine damage into the public consciousness, I see my […]

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The Big HPV Vaccine Sell

Today I see that The Independent have run a story today with the emotive title of: ‘The Jab That Would Save Boys Lives’. The article starts with the unverified claim that giving boys the HPV vaccine would ‘save thousands of lives and hundreds of millions of pounds’. What?! That’s incredible…we demand jabs for all! Wait […]

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Detoxing from alcohol in January – Is there any point?

  Many of us start each new year with good intentions. One of the most common is the decision not to drink any alcohol through January. It’s something I began doing myself a few years ago & I always feel the benefit from it. Interestingly Traditional Chinese Medicine considers that the liver needs extra care […]

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Natural Male Health Part 2: The Infertlity Scandal

Recently The Independent newspaper reported on a long-term & large-scale study confirming that there has been a drastic decline in male reproductive health over the past 20 years. Here’s the link to the article: What is going on? The article quotes Professor Richard Sharpe, professor of reproductive health at the University of Edinburgh and […]

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