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This is the story of the actress Brittany Murphy who died at the tender age of 32. 10 different medications were found at her bedside. I think that it is fair to draw the conclusion that she was killed by this cocktail of toxic substances sold & marketed aggressively by the pharmaceutical industry (unless the toxicology & tissue tests reveal something different).

Can you begin imagine the out-cry if 10 homeopathic remedies were found beside her bed?! They’d be banned within a week . Unfortunately I don’t think anyone will draw the conclusion that con-med kills from this tragic story, they will simply say ‘there goes another troubled actress’. Well… I’m saying it – con-med is dangerous, many of these products are KNOWN to be harmful by the manufacturers & the government agencies supposedly there to protect the public. In many cases research has shown they are not nearly as effective as Big Pharma suggests, and their ‘side effects’ (I prefer the term DIEs – Disease Inducing Effects) are worse. But worst of all, no-one can know what effect taking 10 different medications will have on a person… Hahnemann was wise to advise prescribing one remedy at a time, with this remedy covering all the patients symptoms (200 years later Con-Med still hasn’t grasped this concept).

All we can do is keep pointing out the obvious…maybe someday people will start to realise that real healing, real medicine shouldn’t be harmful.

Happy Christmas all! 🙂