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There is a good article in the Daily Mail today (am I really saying that?!) by Dr Richard Halvorsen

Dr H has written a great book demonstrating that vaccines are not without risks & that they often have no real benefits. However this isn’t what I want to talk about.

Today they have announced the young girl who died hours after taking cervarix had ‘serious underlying health problems’ and that’s why she died. Am I the only one concerned by the way they HAD to rush this announcement out so as not to undermine the sacred vaccine program? The logic also doesn’t make sense…there is no suggestion that the vaccine precepitated her death because she had an unknown underlying condition that made her more susceptible to adverse reaction. This seems the logical conclusion to me, but it can’t be uttered for fear that the public might start questioning mass vaccination.

Once again homeopathy theory helps to explain what is baffling to con-med, the vaccine had such a devestating affect on this young girl because she was SUSCEPTIBLE. Homeopaths usually don’t suggest that vaccines or toxins in your environment or bacteria always make you sick, they say they will make you sick only if you are susceptible.

If you or a member of your family experience adverse reactions after vaccination please:

1). Report this to your doctor

2). Go and see a homeopath (we are usually able to reverse any vaccine damage if we catch it early enough)