A Day In The Life of a Homeopath: I

As something of an antidote to the ‘homeopathy doesn’t work’ drumbeat continuously heard from the corporate media, I thought I’d start a little series of posts where I’ll talk about my day-to-day experiences as a practicing homeopath. No details will be changed or exaggerated, but none of my patient’s identities will be revealed.

This is a little experiment. I’m seeing 10 patients today, so I’m going to blog about the experience…I would have found this fascinating before I became a homeopath, but maybe I’m weird & no-one else will 🙂

1st: Short call from Oz about three brothers, all somewhere on the autism spectrum. We are continuing to see nice gains from all three – all currently doing a heavy metal detox (their hair mineral tests all showed very high levels of metals). They have previously been through vaccine detoxes and various other homeopathic remedies.

2nd: Introduction call from a 20-year-old lady suffering from eczema, acne, asthma & irregular bowels. All symptoms started AFTER taking two allopathic drugs to induce abortion: Mifepristone & Misoprostal. She was also prescribed Roaccutane to try & control the acne (this is a nasty drug) , but had to stop as it was damaging her liver. Fascinating case & I can’t wait to get started. Clear case of ‘Never Been Well Since…’ , I already know what prescription I want to give (a detox protocol for the Mifepristone & Misoprostal + a remedy called Folliculinum to help regulate her periods). I believe she’ll respond brilliantly to the homeopathy.

3rd: Mixed the dates up (my fault). This was supposed to be a new appointment for: female, 4 years old, Autism, PICA (eating indigestible things), non-verbal, delayed comprehension, poor focus, unaware of danger. Regression at 1-years-old. You’ll have to tune-in again to find out more once the patient rebooks!

4th: 15-minute update call, existing patient. Female, 9 years old, PANDAS (basically a chronic strep. infection that causes neurological symptoms). We’ve had three prescriptions so far. Fascinating case where there was an adopted child in the household that was very disruptive. Eventually she had to be sent to another family and after this, my patient’s symptoms started (Tics, OCD, ADHD/ADD, +ve for strep. throat). What was weird was, the girl was exhibiting symptoms AS IF SHE WAS THE ADOPTED CHILD. We can see a clear connection between emotional trauma and the onset of symptoms in this case. There’s been great improvement of many of her symptoms – the obsessions & compulsions are gone, verbal tics, throat clearing tic all reduced by 90%+, the self loathing & talk of “I don’t think I’m you’re real daughter” have gone. In fact almost all the mental/emotional symptoms that were causing her & her mother such distress have resolved. Now we are just left dealing with a persistent case of Molluscum. Note the ‘PANDAS’ had been treated previously with prolonged use of antibiotics – she tested positive for strep. & the symptoms were consistent with a PANDAS diagnosis. This antibiotic treatment had achieved nothing I believe because it didn’t deal with the UNDERLYING cause (the emotional trauma around her adopted sister). I’ve given her a molluscum treatment & a remedy called Veratrum Album to hopefully fix the lingering OCD. She’s MUCH better than when she first came to me. Also treated her sister (14 years) for persistent acne on forehead & lower back pain around time of her period. Gave Sepia. Back pain gone & period pains easier, new prescription: Folliculinum (to continue balancing hormones) and Calcium Silicate for the acne.

5th: New appointment. Female, 4 years old, epilepsy, continuing low-grade fever & inflammation. Another super-interesting case. There wasn’t a clear cause, at Three-and-a-half years old seizures started & then increased in frequency to 60-a-day. Salmonella poisoning at the same time. Now we are left with permanent low-grade fever, permanent fatigue, weakness, dark circles under eyes. It reminds me of cases of Typhoid fever you read about in the old homeopathic books from the 19th century. Tests show high metals, elevated detox markers, gut dysbiosis (high yeast & Clostridia levels). The parents suspect vaccines may be implicated, but her last vaccine was at 9 months old, what on earth caused her to start having seizures at after three years old? I’ve decided to give her a remedy made from snake venom, Crotalus Horridus as a first prescription. It is indicated for ongoing blood sepsis like this. Alongside this I’m going to give Ferrum Phos (iron phosphate) in very low strength, this often helps in cases of of chronic infection.

6th: Follow-up appointment. Male, 6 years old, Autism. Delayed speech & comprehension (at the level of a 2 year old), Poor Focus, Hyperactivity, allergy to dairy. Some symptoms have already improved since removing dairy for diet (for example, eye contact has improved 80%). This symptom picture is consistent with someone with Tuberculosis in the family (the maternal grandfather) & BCG vaccine (for T.B). 1st prescription: BCG vaccine detox + a remedy for the TB inheritance. Well my TB theory was half right. He showed clear signs of detoxing (fever & ‘flu-like symptoms after the remedies on 4 out of the 8 weeks) and an improvement in comprehension – he has begun understanding (and drawing) different parts of the face. However the hyperactivity still remains. As he reacted strongly to the BCG detox, this time I’m detoxing the rest of his vaccines & swapping the Tuberculosis remedy for Carcinosin. I expect a bigger improvement over the next 8 weeks.

7th: Follow-up appointment. Female, 12 years old. Symptoms: extreme RAGE since birth – screaming, will punch holes in walls, attacks mum. Sensory integration issues, “I don’t feel my body”. Underlying anxiety – upset all the time, unstable. Feelings of ‘electricity in my body…knives in my head’. There’s a lot going on for this kid, she had over 45 (!) ultrasounds in-utero. I decided to detox the ultrasounds, my idea being that all her symptoms stem from being bombarded with those intense sound waves while still in the womb. Doing very nicely, just coming to the end of her IVF drug detox & reports feeling ‘very calm’. Next detox – vaccines, with Opium as a support remedy. Her twin sister (who ALSO reported feeling ‘calm’ after IVF detox) is just finishing ultrasound detox. All her symptoms: exhausted, un-refreshing sleep, delusion – is being watched, fear – mother will die or get cancer… point to a remedy called Arsenicum Album. Frustratingly I gave it & it did nothing for her! (Dammit, I was so pleased to give this prescription, I was expecting magic!). I have prescribed a Terbutaline + Albuterol detox next (mother had this daily for 3 months during pregnancy to stop miscarriage) + IgA for her under-functioning immune system.

8th: New enquiry. Female, 14 years. Mum reports that ‘health has been destroyed by long-term antibiotic treatment for Lyme’. Complex case! So many interventions tried, SO much money spent. Very confusing case & the lady didn’t remember booking the appointment with me. This would be tricky case-management because I suspect the mother would continually be changing variables – adding extra treatments, swapping supplements, doing loads of tests… while also giving my remedies & we’d be left confused, unable to tell what was doing what, & no further forward.

9th: 15-minute catch-up with existing client. Male, 7 years, ‘ASD-ish behaviour’ – Delayed speech, tantrums (like a 3 year old), some stims (fingers in front of his eyes), anticipatory & separation anxiety, no friends. So far we have detoxed the 5-in-1 vaccine and the labour drugs. Speech has improved, tantrums are less intense & of shorter duration, he had increased frequency of urination, his osteopath noticed ‘a huge shift in his nervous system’ after the remedies. Just a catch up, he’s currently on a Labour medicine detox. He was responding too strongly to Opium (increased head-banging, toe-walking, rigid behaviour on the two Saturdays the remedy was given) so we’ve taken him off that for now.

10th: Follow-up appointment. Male. 7 years old. Down’s syndrome. 4 prescriptions so far. He’s been given Bufo (made from secretions of a toad!), Pituitary Gland (made from a healthy pituitary gland), heavy metal detox and Baryta-Carb (Barium Carbonate). He is thriving & achieving far more than his mother dared hope for. Of course he will have certain limitations, but I’m committed to making him the best version of himself that he can be. WOW, he is positively glowing. Fantastic reports from school & therapists, now speaking in 5-6 word sentences, he’s started helping teach some of the other kids in his special needs classroom. Looks more ‘present’, more spontaneous, his energy & endurance has improved markedly. I’ve given him Calc Carb (calcium carbonate) and a remedy made from Thyroid gland for his latest prescription. I also caught up with dad (hasn’t started his cigarette detox yet!), and little sister – her confidence in school has improved a lot & her sore tummy has disappeared on the Lycopodium.

All in all, a fruitful day. In total I saw 15 or 16 when you count the siblings & had some really nice results.

It’s now 10pm and I’m ready to collapse!

Please feel free to comment.

Note: This was originally written on 5th December 2016.

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