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Today the papers are reporting that a dementia research charity say that there isn’t enough money being given to dementia research…no surprise there!

However dementia is being grossly misunderstood by a system obsessed with discovering ‘magic bullets’ that will cure all diseases. They have been stuck in this paradigm for the last century at least…despite overwhelming evidence that magic bullets always turn out to be less than magic.

I’m a simple man, lets have a look at what dementia actually is. The NHS website describes it as a syndrome (a group of related symptoms) associated with a progressive decline in function of the brain. That’s it.

Next, what does a human brain need to function optimally? A well oxygenated healthy supply of blood free from toxins. That’s it.

The human body is an amazing machine…it is self-repairing, adaptable, resilient & has plenty of built-in redundancy.However our organs decline in efficiency with age…the average person’s kidney is operating at about 20% of it’s efficiency when they are 70 compared to when they were 20. Our hearts become weaker, or circulatory system becomes less elastic, our digestive tract becomes less able to absorb the nutrients our bodies need from food, our lungs become less effective at taking in oxygen & expelling carbon dioxide. Our livers become less able to detox the blood as it passes through. & on & on.

So…as we age our organs work less well so that the blood reaching the brain will be less oxygenated & contain more toxins, which will tend to result in reduced brain function. At some arbitrary point the medical profession will say ‘you now have dementia’…as if you caught it from a toilet seat, rather than it being an inevitable consequence of lifestyle choices!

So…now we know what dementia is & what causes it, what can we do about it? Well, like many of the ‘inevitable’ diseases of aging, dementia isn’t inevitable at all. Lets run through the list:

-Drink plenty of fresh water. Let’s flush those kidneys

-Eat your greens. It is important that older people have proper nutrition. Eating healthily is important, perhaps supplemented by multi-vitamins. In extreme cases were people obviously aren’t able to absorb the goodness in their food, I would suggest sub-lingual vitamins (vitamins that are absorbed directly into your bloodstream, bypassing the alimentary canal)

-Take regular gentle exercise. Work that heart & lungs.

-Drugs. Now we’re getting to the elephant in the room. Con-meds drugs are toxic by definition. Our bodies are getting hit from two directions here…while our organs become less efficient as we age, we tend to be prescribed more & more allopathic medication. So our poorly functioning kidneys & liver have to process more & more toxins. Result: More toxins in the blood. Can you see the crazy position we are in? Dementia is increasing, partly due to the medications…so lets spend billions trying to develop a medication to ‘cure’ it!

-Herbs. This is THE exciting area where we can have alot of benefit. For example perhaps the patient has a poorly functioning heart…. improve this & we’ll improve the blood supply to the brain. A few months of ‘organ therapy’ can yield miraculous results in dementia. If we can strengthen the organs that need help, we can improve the quality of the blood (whether this means better oxygenation, better flow, less toxins) & therefore address the cause of the dementia

-Homeopathy. If the above doesn’t get it…it’s time to call out the big guns 😉                                                                                    Contact the author for more details