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A frequently asked question in the media is, does homeopathy work?

Is there any evidence to suggest homeopathy works? Many skeptics claim that there is ZERO good scientific evidence supporting homeopathy. All I can say is, they are either woefully or willfully uninformed. I can understand their problem… very dilute homeopathic remedies can’t work…they mustn’t work….otherwise mechanistic science must be…(whisper it)….wrong! Mechanistic science can’t be wrong…ergo…homeopathy can’t work. Unfortunately you can present these skeptics with as much evidence as you like & you won’t change their minds.

Read the link above to see homeopathy & other therapies being effectively used within the NHS & showing positive results.

With the NHS budget above £100 Billion per year! (yes, you read that right)….anything that reduces this has to be a good thing. The behemouth will either have to radically restructure, or it will collapse…this level of national chronic ill-health & this extraordinary level of health service costs can’t continue forever. The future, as I see it, is an integrative approach utilising the best that each therapy can offer, all under the umbrella of the NHS.

I have lots more links to homeopathic research, which I will share in later blogs. The Homeopathy Research Institute is worth having a look at too.