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BHOPAL: The AYUSH Department of Madhya Pradesh government is launching a widespread campaign from June 15 with the objective of preventing recurrence of malaria outbreak like last year in Sidhi district.

Under the campaign launched by the state government, homoeopathic medicines will be administered door-to-door. The decision to distribute homeopathic was taken as it has provided effective in prevention of malaria.

Anganwadi and ASHA workers will administer doze of the medicines to about 60 thousand families in all the 244 villages of Sidhi district of Madhya Pradesh.

The campaign will benefit around 2.75 lakh population of the district. Three dozes of the medicine will be administered on three days which is to start from June 15. The other dates for distributing medicin doze will be June 22 and 29.

One worker has been entrusted with the responsibility in each village. According to homoeopathy experts, the medicine is very effective in prevention of malaria. Besides, it has no side effects. Anyone can take the doze distributed by the state government under the campaign.

Villagers in the Sidhi district have been urged to take interest in taking this medicine’s doze to avoid any outbreak of malaria like it was happened in 2011.

Times of India article