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This case shows how effective homeopathy can be when there is a clear aetiology (cause)

A few months ago a patient was referred to me with a fear of driving. He couldn’t drive on motorways, dual-carriageways, on busy roads, or on any roads he was unfamiliar with.  He also couldn’t exceed 40 miles per hour. As I’m sure you can imagine, this affected his life…in fact he had lost his job as a surveyor as he was unable to visit sites around the country. He had attempted to continue his role by using public transport, but this was unsuccessful (and very expensive). He had tried counselling & even went out driving with his counsellor to try & overcome his phobia, but this had been unsuccessful.

I asked him when his fear of driving first started & he related a story to me of driving slowly on a motorway several years before & a large truck coming up close behind him & blasting it’s horn. He had to get off the motorway & stop as he was having a panic attack. He was unable to continue his journey, and the problems with driving have persisted ever since.

I quizzed him further & discovered that when he was on that motorway his mother had rang him with bad news. His father was gravely ill & had slipped in to a coma. I felt that THIS shock was probably the cause of the driving phobia…it turned out that he had slowed his car on hearing the news & then a few moments later the truck arrived close behind him.

His only physical symptom was a strange heavy, almost paralysed, sensation in his legs when driving.

Using the emotional shock aetiology & this physical symptom, I prescribed 3 doses of Gelsemium 1M.

One month later he returned to see me with a big grin on his face. He was now able to drive on unfamiliar roads, dual-carriageways, & could drive over 40 mph…In fact he confided that he had been staying late at work until after the traffic had died-down so he could blast along a dual-carriageway at 70 mph!

I discharged him & asked me to get back in touch if there was any recurrence of his problem. Ain’t homeopathy grand?