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Dana Ullman’s excellent article about the healing role fever plays in illness (very topical approaching flu season)

“Taking drugs that suppress fever disables the body’s own defenses in fighting infection.  It is akin to unscrewing the warning oil pressure light in your car as a way to get rid of that irritating red signal.  Such “treatment” is not curative, and in fact, it can lead to much more serious problems. ”

Hey…that’s what I tell people!

“Because of the similarity between the 1918 flu and the H1N1 flu, it may be helpful to reference homeopathy’s impressive successes in treating people during the 1918 flu. The death rates in the homeopathic hospitals in the US were only around 1%, while the death rates in conventional hospitals were closer to 30%.  Another important fact from that era is that New York City had the lowest mortality rate during the 1918 flu than any city in the U.S., and this impressive statistic is primarily due to the fact that this city’s health commissioner at that time was Royal Copeland, MD, a renowned homeopathic physician, who later became a thrice-elected U.S. Senator (Franklin D. Roosevelt was even his campaign manager during his first election as senator). Copeland asserted, “There can be no doubt that the superiority of homeopathy in a purely medical condition is just as great as it was fifty years ago.”