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No woman should ever have to suffer with prolonged bouts of morning sickness.  Homeopathy, used correctly, is a safe, effective and gentle way to make every phase of pregnancy enjoyable.
Here are a number of the most often indicated remedies for women suffering with morning sickness.  While this list is not exhaustive – it provides many good options.  The key to selecting the correct remedy is in matching the most characteristic symptoms of your morning sickness to the characteristic symptoms of the remedy. The correct remedy will relieve morning sickness in virtually all cases.
The information that follows comes to us from Henry Guernsey M.D. – one of homeopathy’s greatest masters and a pioneer in obstetrics and homeopathy.
Arsenicum album: Very great debility and exhaustion. Very pale, white look. Bitterness in the mouth, particularly after eating or drinking. Sensation of a stone in the stomach. Cold water seems to lie in the stomach unassimilated – therefore she cannot drink it. Nightly vomiting. Vomiting of fluids as soon as they are taken in. Can also have exhausting diarrhea.
Bryonia: Nausea on waking in the AM. Nausea relieved by keeping still. Dry parched lips and mouth. Splitting headache. Vomiting of food immediately after eating. Worse from any motion is a very important symptom for selecting this remedy.
Cocculus: Burning in the esophagus extending to the back of the throat. Taste of sulphur in the mouth. She is scarcely able to raise herself in the AM due to the nausea and inclination to vomit. Metallic taste in the mouth.
Cuprum: Violent vomiting with frothy mucus. When drinking the fluid descends with a gurgling noise. Sensation of something bitter in the stomach. The violent nausea and vomiting are relieved by drinking cold water.
Ipecac: Continual sense of nausea ALL the time. Not a moment’s relief. Vomiting of large quantities of mucus.
Magnesia carbonica: Much sour taste and sour vomiting. All symptoms are aggravated every third week. Much roughness or burning in the throat with desire to vomit.
Natrum mur: Waterbrash – profuse and constant. Always wakes with a headache. She craves salt and can have aversion to bread. Much nausea. Feeling of great hunger without appetite.
Nux vomica: Feels as if she would feel better if she could vomit. Nausea and vomiting every morning – can be accompanied by constipation. Putrid taste when hawking up mucus from throat. Food and drink smell awful. Cannot stand smell of tobacco. Not much appetite, restless sleep – particularly after 3:00AM with nausea and vomiting in the AM. She is irritable and wishes to be alone.
Sepia: Vomiting of milky water or milky mucus. Sense of emptiness in stomach. The thought or smell of food sickens her. Burps taste like rotten eggs. Taste of manure. Aversion to meat. Inclination to vomit in AM when rinsing her mouth. She cannot ride in a car due to the nausea. Can feel painfully hungry despite nausea.
Sulphur: Profuse salivation – the taste of which causes nausea and spells of vomiting. All the trouble seems to stem from the nauseating saliva. Flushes of heat; heat on the top of the head. Short sleep at night. She wakes constantly. Can have profuse waterbrash.
Veratrum album: Much thirst for cold drinks. Craves fruit and juicy items. Wants everything cold. Violent retching. Critically important symptom to see to prescribe this remedy: cold sweat on forehead with all sufferings.
If you or someone you know is pregnant and suffering – share this article with them.  There is no reason to feel poorly during a pregnancy.