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Homeopaths, like other holistic practitioners, believe that the symptoms someone exhibits are their body attempting to heal itself, or at least express it’s dis-ease in the least harmful way. Consequently we don’t think that suppressing these symptoms is a good idea, or ‘healing’ in any real sense of the word.


If you suffer from hayfever, or you are a therapist that sees clients who may have hayfever, please read on, you may be able to offer them some relief by suggesting a remedy.


What is hayfever?

It is simply an allergy to pollen from flowers, hay, or trees.

Depending on which pollen you are sensitive too depends on when you get your hayfever… if it is tree pollen, you may only suffer from early to late Spring. If it’s the pollen from weeds like nettles or docks that you are sensitive too, it might last from early Spring to late Autumn!

15 – 20% of the people in the UK suffer from hayfever every year, that is an incredible number.


What are the common symptoms?


runny nose

itchy eyes, nose, throat and roof of your mouth (palate)



These symptoms don’t sound like much, but as anyone who suffers from hayfever knows, they can make your life a misery for months at a time.


What is the conventional treatment?





In bad cases sufferers may be referred for ‘immunotherapy’: giving them tiny amounts of the substance they are allergic too. (Does that sound familiar anyone?!)


What is the homeopathic treatment?

Below I give some suggestions as to which remedies may alleviate your symptoms, but these may only be a temporary fix. To get to the root of the problem, to stop yourself being allergic to the pollen, it is usually necessary to have constitutional treatment with a homeopath. This may mean having a consultation once a month for 3 or 4 months while the homeopath prescribes a series of remedies to raise your vitality & remove your susceptibility.


Some common homeopathic remedies for hayfever:


If you only try one remedy, try mixed-pollens & grasses 30c.

Many people find relief with this remedy.


If your eyes are ITCHY, & you have a constantly running nose & eyes, try Pulsatilla 30c


If you have a constantly running nose & eyes, try Allium Cepa 30c


If SNEEZING is the most prominent symptom, try Sabadilla 30c


If your EYES are the thing most affected, try Euphrasia 30c



For any of the above remedies, take 1 pill in a clean mouth 3 times a day for 3 days. If your symptoms persist, it is not the correct remedy for you. If they aggravate, don’t worry it’s only temporary! If they improve…then me writing this article, & you reading it was worth it.


Where to buy the remedies?

Remedies can be bought in Boots & most health food shops. If you can’t locate them, the homeopathic pharmacies are always happy to mail-order anything you need. They also offer advice over the telephone. (,,



So, what do I do next?

If you are a sufferer, it may be worth investing a fiver in the remedy most closely matching your symptoms to see if it helps. If it does, great ditch those conventional meds! If it doesn’t, you may need a different remedy…drop me a line explaining your symptoms, & if I’m not too overwhelmed I’ll suggest a remedy that perhaps more closely matches your symptoms.


If you want to kick the hayfever habit for good, make an appointment with a qualified homeopath & make an investment in your health.