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It is an unfortunate state of affairs that we can’t debate cancer issues in the public arena, except within a very narrow framework that’s acceptable to ‘the cancer industry’ for want of a better word.

No-one is able to say ‘I can cure cancer’ or ‘this therapy can cure cancer’ by law in this country. Instead we are fed a steady stream of ‘miracle breakthroughs’ from the pharmaceutical industry promising ‘a cure in 10 years’ or whatever. Nowadays these ‘miracles’ are usually connected with gene therapy. However you can go back 10, 20, 40, 80 years & you’ll find the same stream of ‘miracle breakthroughs’ being publicised in the same newspapers by the same pharmaceutical companies. They have been wrong in the past, in fact most of their treatments had horrific side-effects, so why do we think they might be right this time?

Homeopathy has an astounding record of successfully treating cancer, right from it’s inception 200 years ago up to the present day. Unfortunately this unequaled track record is invisible to most of the population.

Chemotherapy has been shown to be effective at treating SOME types of cancer, and to be of no benefit in a host of others. I would research carefully before subjecting myself to this controlled poisoning (for this is all it is).

Radiotherapy is of dubious benefit. I have yet to see convincing evidence that this can help.

Surgery can be extremely useful for some forms of cancer. However this can only ever be a small piece of a treatment plan & certainly not a cure.

Hormone therapy is of dubious benefit & even con-med is beginning to recognise this. This was the ‘miracle cure’ for cancers of the sexual organs a few years ago….do you see a pattern developing?

So what can a homeopath do? Alot! From prescribing remedies to help the newly diagnosed patient & their family cope with their fear & anxiety, to helping to minimise symptoms of chemo or radiation if the patient decides to go down the conventional route, to administering herbal tinctures that can heal specific organs, to giving remedies that match the patient’s cancer symptoms, to dealing with the patient’s predisposition & helping to ensure that they won’t be susceptible to cancer in the future.

Homeopathy has much to offer suffering humanity.

I wrote to Cancer Research UK  ( a few weeks ago to inquire if they would consider funding research into using homeopathy to treat cancer. I got a brusque response along the lines of ‘there is no evidence homeopathy works therefore we won’t fund research into it’. (does anyone else see the contradiction in this reasoning?). I replied giving a selection of well designed homeopathic clinical trials that showed positive benefit, I have yet to receive a reply. A cynic might say that it isn’t in Cancer Research UK’s interest to find effective solutions…otherwise they would cease to be necessary…there is a lot of executive pension schemes relying on the £100s of millions of donations they receive every year.

As someone once said, ‘Attempting to cure a person of cancer by cutting their tumour out is like attempting to ‘cure’ an apple tree of it’s ‘appleness’ by removing it’s fruit.’