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Homeopathy via Skype – One solution to unaffordable American Healthcare

We in the UK may grumble about the NHS, & worry at the present government’s attempts to dismantle it… but we get access to worldclass healthcare when we need it, not IF we can afford it. The situation isn’t so rosy in the US where 20% of Americans where either unable to, or struggled to, pay their medical bills last year…& more alarmingly 25% of sick people didn’t seek medical aid because they just couldn’t afford it….& I suspect this situation to get worse year-on-year.

I offer a solution to this crisis… homeopathy-by-skype. It’s inexpensive, the medicines are VERY cheap, effective, non-toxic, without side-effects…& non-addictive. Access to effective healthcare can be life-changing, so give homeopathy a chance & drop me a line.

Have a look at my latest post for the nuts-and-bolts of seeing a homeopath over Skype.

Once I make a prescription, the homeopathic pharmacies will post anywhere in the world.

The highest ideal of cure is the rapid, gentle and permanent restoration of health.