How Corporations Manipulate The Media


The ‘charity’ Sense About Science was paid by Coca-Cola to attack research linking sugary drinks to a large increase in diseases & deaths.

The Guardian newspapers favourite source of anti-natural medicine propaganda, Sense About Science, have once again been implicated in a scandal about the corporate funding of lobbying groups. This time round, leaks from a Coca Cola insider revealed that they had paid The Insensibles £20,000 to promote Coke’s corporate interest in the UK media…in other words, they were paid to distort the media agenda in Coke’s favour – attack anything natural, and play-down the harm sugary, chemical-laden carbonated drinks do to our health.

A few years ago it was possible to see where The Insensibles got their funding from on their website – the majority came from ‘corporate funding’. Now they claim their funding comes from ‘individual donations’. As a corporate lobbying organisation they quickly realised they had to disguise the sources of their funding using the same tricks as their kin embedded in Westminster & other governments around the world.

It claims to be a ‘UK charity that promotes the public understanding of science.’

I suppose that could be true if we redefine the word ‘science‘ as ‘multinational pharmaceutical & chemical corporate propaganda & misinformation’.

Actually we’d also have to redefine the phrase ‘the public understanding‘ as ‘media manipulation to facilitate

So, Sense About Science…”a UK charity that promotes media manipulation to facilitate multinational pharmaceutical & chemical corporate propaganda & misinformation.” There….MUCH more accurate. No need to thank me Tracy Brown.

A quick review of the ‘Subjects’ section of their website tells you all you need to know. They take the (lucrative) corporate line on everything from pesticides, to GMO, to fossil fuels, to addititives in our food.  Someone has come up with a BRILLIANT business plan here! Who made the most money, the lawyers speaking up for the 500,000 + people injured & killed in the Bhopal Disaster, or the lawyers who defended the Union Carbide Corporation that caused the disaster? Exactly. As that old journalist quote goes…”just follow the money”. Or in this case where the trail of money is disguised, have a look at what they are promoting. Not ‘truth in science’ or any such thing, they are simply promoting corporate interests.

So what exactly did Insensible about Science do for the Coca Cola corporation in return for their ‘donation’?

“A British charity set up to promote evidence-based science received more than £20,000 from Coca-Cola and then questioned research that was critical of sugary drinks.”

In my opinion this is  a well-funded, well-connected corporate lobbying group masquerading as a charity pretending to be concerned with the accurate reporting of science.

Here’s an article I wrote about The Insensibles back in 2012, as we can it is still ‘business as usual’ for them, they’ve just gone even more ‘black hat’.




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