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Why do we get ill?

This is an enormous subject to try & boil-down into a single blog post…but I’m going to try! Actually I can boil it down into one word, it’s just the explanation that will take a long time!


We’ve all heard of germ theory, we all know there are invisible bugs floating around that can make us sick…& that’s good as far as it goes…but it’s not really an answer, why do those bugs make some people sick & not others? 25 in the class get head-lice, but 5 don’t. Everyone in the family comes down with ‘flu except little Jimmy. Why? Susceptibility.

The ‘wacky’ notion that doctors have been denying for the last century…that there’s a connection between your feelings, your mind, & your body is slowly slowly being accepted by those not totally mechanical in their thinking.
Simply put, a depressed person is more susceptible to illness than a happy person. Someone who has suffered a great trauma or grief is also more susceptible, as is someone with an unhealthy lifestyle.

So…how NOT to get ill turns out to be quite simple: take steps to reduce your susceptibility.
From a physical stand-point: drink more clean water, take exercise, have adequate sleep, eat nutritious food, ensure your gut is healthy.
From a mental & emotional stand-point: Deal with negative thought patters, address traumas, process your emotions & try not to bottle them up. (these aren’t as easy to address as the physical stuff, that’s when therapies like homeopathy can help)

And this applies to everyone, everywhere, always. If you jet off somewhere exotic, the principle is the same… if you aren’t susceptible, you won’t get sick. So the problem isn’t ‘right, we’ve got to do research & find a way to beat this new killer bug’….it becomes ‘just reduce your susceptibility’. Unfortunately for big business, there isn’t alot of profit in that!

You’ll notice I haven’t mentioned ‘have a vaccination’ in the ‘how not to get ill’ section, & the reason is simple: They won’t stop you getting ill! Right now the Gates Foundation is spending billions of dollars on vaccination programs across the developing world. Think about that for a minute, they are going in to villages with no access to clean drinking water, with open sewers, inadequate nutrition & often epidemics of deep emotional traumas left over from civil wars, ethnic cleansing etc They then inject a toxic cocktail of heavy metals, preservatives & other nasties into children’s bloodstreams for their already compromised immune-system to deal with… & they think that’s going to stop people there getting ill?! Is it just me? It makes NO SENSE, it’s nonsense.

The epidemics in the West that used to decimate millions every year weren’t eradicated by mass-vaccination as our cultural myth-makers tell us… they were eradicated because access to clean water, sanitation & nutritious food meant we were no longer SUSCEPTIBLE to those germs. Unfortunately it is always easier put a sticking plaster over the problem (& completely coincidentally to further enrich the multinational vaccine manufacturers) than it is to have some sort of social justice where we ensure that most of the worlds population can begin to have clean water, sanitation & adequate food.