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I recently received a testimonial from a patient which I’ll share below.

Case of a 6-year-old boy who regressed after his MMR vaccinations.
Normal development, met his milestones up until 2 years old when he received his MMR vacc. Got what looked like a ‘boil’ at the injection site. After this he started withdrawing, stopped talking, lost his eye contact, stopped socialising with everyone. He also started waking up at 2am screaming night after night & chronic constipation started. He also lost muscle tone and motor skills. His tonsils became swollen (almost so swollen that they were touching), and he had recurring episodes of tonsillitis. He also began trying to run away from his mother if they were outside, this made even simple trips to the supermarket very stressful. All these symptoms all persisted for the next FOUR YEARS! As is normal, his doctor denied any possible link between the vaccine & these symptoms, even though he’d been a perfectly neurotypical kid before 2 years old.

As usual in these cases I took a full health history & prescribed a homeopathic MMR vaccine detox, as well as a supporting remedy.

His mother came back to see me after 8 weeks, and here’s what happened:

  • She said, ‘he’s been more than great…he’s amazing us by the day!’
  • We have words! Sentences! He’s making requests, he can count to 40! He can count BACKWARDS from 20 – 0 !
  • He’s more aware of the feelings of others, he has begun reconnecting to those around him.
  • No sore throats since starting treatment. For the first time in 4 years his tonsils are not inflamed & have returned to normal size!
  • Eye contact has returned!
  • He’s seeking out members of his family to interact with, giving everyone high-fives, much more social at school. School are ‘amazed’.
  • He’s more ‘alive’/connected
  • Can now hold a pen & write! Can clap.
  • Muscle tone has markedly improved, not ‘floppy’ anymore.
  • Can now kick a ball!
  • Showing awareness of danger & has stopped running away if he’s outside.
  • His constipation is gone! Now going daily

The testimonial from a very grateful mother:

“H was a typical child with normal development. At two-and-a-half years he started to regress slowly and lost all his speech. He withdrew into his own world and was mute for the next 2 years.

At the age of 4, he was diagnosed with Autism, as well as PANDAS associated with streptococcal infection. He has now finished his 1st dose of MMR detox remedy, The positive changes in him have been noticed by myself and everyone around us.

His speech has dramatically improved form the 2 words ‘Mum & Dad’ to sentences. (!)

He enjoys singing to songs and is seeking out everyone around him to engage with them, unlike before when it was only solitary play.

He now has regular bowel movement. He has improved from movements only twice a week (since the MMR vaccine) to everyday, or every other day. He also has less aggression and there has not been an episode of Throat infection for the last 4 months. (prior to this prescription he had chronic tonsillitis & swollen almost occluded tonsils for 2 years!)

His social & motor skills skills have improved both at school and home. He is now very aware of his surrounding and emotions.

we are looking forward to see the positive changes the next remedy will bring.

Very Happy.”

Anyone who claims that autism is a ‘gift’, an example of ‘neuro-diversity’ needs to go and boil their heads. This was a boy that was injured, poisoned by a toxin. His symptoms weren’t a ‘gift’, they were the results of this poisoning.

If I was a CEO of a pharma company that had invented a pill that could get these results within 8 weeks, I’d be on the cover of business magazines, I’d be worth billions, the story would be celebrated all over the media… instead, because any suggestion of vaccine damage is out-of-bounds to discuss or research or even THINK, and because homeopathy has been ‘proven’ not to work…to be ‘placebo’… I’m not. Thank goodness I don’t secretly want to own a 170’ super-yacht & to be dating a former Miss Ukraine 🙂

Disclaimer: To avoid tedious any exchanges, I’m not claiming that MMR vaccines are the ONLY cause of autism, nor am I claiming that vaccines confer no benefits.

This was originally posted on Steemit in 2016