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I’ve let the two skeptic loonies to repeat their mantras long enough in the ‘comments’ section of 20th Century Musical Geniuses Who Loved Homeopathy.

I didn’t want to, but I have removed their latest comments. They are just a repeat of their previous points, so we’re not missing much 🙂

I’m an advocate of free speech, but I felt their torrent was in danger of overwhelming other points of view.

It has been an interesting exercise & I’ve learned from it. Actually I have come across Andy Lewis before. He calls himself ‘Le Canard Noir’ & is very active on the Guardian online comments section attacking any natural health/alternative medicine articles (or anyone who defends them) with untiring zeal. He also has a blog which looks like a copy of the Bad Science one. I think…now this is just an opinion…but I think that he sees himself as a kind of low-rent British James Randi.

I have no idea who the person was that called themselves ‘skepticat’, this PHS (Professional Homeopathic Skeptic) group appear to hide behind pseudonyms as standard. It becomes hard to take chastisement seriously from some stranger who won’t give you their name or tell you anything about themselves! For anyone without the patience to read the whole thread (!) my integrity was brought into question, I was accused of giving misinformation about conventional medicine, I’m encouraging people to have faith in an unproven therapy etc etc. Strong stuff! One of his blocked posts was a list of anecdotes of homeopaths who ‘killed’ their patients!

Now there isn’t much point in trying to argue with these PHSs … a closed mind is likely to stay that way unfortunately. However it is interesting to look at the points they raise. Are they valid? Do we need to address any short-comings?

Any professionals, especially ones operating in the healthcare field, need to be self-reflective. Am I clinically effective? Could I do better? What can I learn from my mistakes? What areas am I weak on, where do I need continuing professional development? It’s something that most of us do unconsciously…it’s how we learn.

The funding of Professional Homeopathic Skeptics is an interesting issue. Their actions do promote Big-Pharma’s murderous model of health. It is logical that Big-Pharma attacks any threats to their profits, especially if they can do this by proxy (the FDA in the US have a long history of harassing natural health practitioners on Big-Pharma’s behalf). This group of PHS also seem to be allied with this SAS (Sense about science) organisation which is funded by Big-Pharma as far as I’m aware. There is certainly a good deal or co-ordination between the various ‘skeptic’ groups & people like Profs Ernst & Colquhoun who appear to be mouthpieces for Big-Pharma. Saying all this, without the help of forensic accountants, investigative journalists etc it is unlikely we’re going to find anything more than circumstantial evidence.

Their aims appear simple,  the suppression of your right to choose the healthcare of your choice. They have attacked websites of homeopaths, made complaints to their registering bodies, …. and created a McCarthyesque climate were people in the mainstream media are affraid to voice any opinions on health for fear of being branded an unscientific crank. Are these the last desperate struggle of an outmoded world view, or the final days of personal choice in healthcare?

I leave you with a thought:

“First they ignore you, then they mock you, then they fight you, then you win” M. Ghandi