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My little niece is currently suffering from measles. Well officially she’s got ‘something viral’. You see my sister (after Googling the symptoms & establishing her own diagnosis) went to her G.P. The doc, while accepting that the symptoms were those of measles, said:

It can’t be measles, she’s fully vaccinated…so it must be a viral infection

What logic! It is logic like this that causes many cases of illnesses to be misdiagnosed every year.

I’ll spell it out: Vaccinations are not nearly as effective as people believe.

I explained to my worried sis that childhood illnesses are an important ‘work-out’ for their immune systems. She has her own homeopathic kit  & we decided that the remedy Gelsemium was the closest match to her daughter’s symptoms. After a few doses she reports that things are much better already (the paracetamol suppositories prescribed by the doctor didn’t do anything useful)