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The Fertility Show was on in London last weekend. It was mostly IVF companies from all over Europe coming to sell their wares to hordes of desperate couples. One course of IVF costs around £6000 & has a 30% success rate.

A colleague of mine was there too, she’s a homeopath specialising in fertility. Her success rate is around 90% & her treatment costs a fraction of the £6000 the IVF companies are seeking. She’s not unique, there is a well-known homeopath from Australia with similar results, & there is a charity in the UK called foresight that has been having fantastic results with natural fertility for 35 years.
These natural fertility specialists all use similar methods, & I’m going to share them with you. Hopefully you’ll see why the IVF route should only be a couple’s last resort, rather than the first thing their doctor recommends.

The secret: The secret is…there is no secret! The first thing to establish is what sort of toxic load the couple are carrying. If the man has large amounts of heavy metals ( such as lead) in his system, then this will be compromising the quality of his sperm. The toxic load of the mum-to-be is even more critical of course. In case after case, natural fertility practitioners have removed these toxins & healthy conception has occurred a short time after! (most couples with fertility problems will have some sort of toxic load, our bodies WANT to be fertile, we just need to find what is blocking this)

Toxic loads can be detoxed by a variety of methods: nutritional, herbal, homeopathic or a combination of all three.

Next comes nutrition. Again, most couples will have a combination of toxic load & nutritional deficiencies. These can be easily corrected by supplementing.

Finally the woman’s hormone cycles have to be normalised. (Homeopathy is fantastic at this)… also useful at this stage is homeopathic remedies to support all the emotions around failing to conceive or repeated miscarriages: grief, frustration, stress, anger, hoplessness, desperation. These emotions can play havoc with hormone cycles.

I should perhaps explain the 90% claim earlier. That figure in more detail is: 90% of ALL couples who come for natural fertility treatment, irrespective of age or previous diagnoses of ‘infertility’, have conceived within 4 months of starting the program. By any standards, that’s impressive!

It seems very primitive ‘medicine’ to put couples on IVF treatment, an artificial & violent chemical assault on a woman’s body as a first resort. There will be a REASON the couple can’t conceive… doesn’t it make more sense to simply remove this reason & allow people to return to fertility, rather than impose a fertilised egg on a system that isn’t in the correct state to deal with it? The high instances of miscarriages & congenital defects of IVF babies would seem to support my argument.