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There is a key difference to how men & women get sick. Simply: women generally are aware of their emotional states…us men aren’t!

In my opinion this explains why men die (on average) about 7 years earlier than women, & why us men are generally in much poorer health in our later years.

Why do emotions matter? Because if we are unable to process an emotional state, it will eventually become a physical ailment.

An obvious example is a businessman under prolonged stress that eventually develops a stomach ulcer. If he had been able to process the stressful emotional state (with something practical like regular exercise or relaxing with a massage, walking the dog etc), then it wouldn’t have manifested later as a physical ailment – the stomach ulcer. If our businessman STILL doesn’t heed the warnings & continues with his stress & stomach ulcer, he could eventually end up with stomach cancer.

I’d like to expand on this idea with a car analogy:

Stage 1: You are driving along & notice the temperature guage is reading slightly higher than normal, there is also a funny smell coming from the engine. This could correspond to the Emotional level of illness. A good driver will know something is wrong & investigate, a poor or less experienced one will just keep going….

Stage 2: After a while a red warning light comes on on the dashboard, ominous knocking sounds start coming from the engine. This could correspond to the Functional level of illness. (at this level you feel pain or that you are ill, but doctors tests will not reveal any illness). Even a novice driver should pull the car over at this point & investigate. A more foolish one might keep driving…

Stage 3: There is an almighty BANG! The car shudders to a halt in a cloud of steam. This could correspond to the Pathological level of illness. (at this level,  pathological tissue change has occurred. Your doctors tests will reveal clearly that you have a more or less serious illness).

I’m sure any man reading this would be affronted if I suggested that they would just keep driving a car, ignoring all the warning signs, until the head gasket blew. Yet this is how many men treat their bodies. Just like a car, our bodies are MUCH easier to treat if we catch them going wrong early.

Homeopathy can be a really useful tool for treating illnesses, at stage 1, 2 or 3. In part 2 of this post I will share some remedies that can really help men regain natural health. If anyone has any questions on this subject, please comment & I will try & answer your query.