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Most participants on my PANDAS Homeopathic Protocol Trial have now been interviewed on Skype & have ordered their prescriptions (please book an appointment all you stragglers out there!). It has been humbling listening to all of their stories…thank you everyone!

I thought that I would share some common themes that kept cropping up:

– A large percentage of children clearly regressed after vaccinations. Vaccines don’t cause autism, but they are a major contributing factor.

– I strongly suspect that many of these children have heavy metal toxicity. Their symptom pictures are often indicative of low-level mercury poisoning.

– Most of the children have bowel issues. As much of the immune system is in the GIT (Gastrointestinal Tract), it is highly likely that this has been compromised. This explains why the Streptococcus bacteria has been able to proliferate and cause all these distressing neurological symptoms.

– Many of the kids have had swollen tonsils throughout their lives. This is an indication that their immune system is under pressure somewhere in the body. (Having the tonsils removed is a bit like removing a flashing red warning bulb on your car dashboard and continuing to drive, rather than identifying WHY it’s flashing!)

– Antibiotics & anti-fungal treatments, so often recommended by biomedical doctors, are what I call ‘sticky-plaster medicine’…They deal with the EFFECTS rather than the CAUSES of the PANDAS (and autism). Parents have repeatedly reported that the treatments help for a time, but (unsurprisingly) don’t resolve the symptoms in the long-term.

– A 2 month trial won’t fix the underlying issues that have led to the PANDAS, that would take longer treatment…BUT an improvement in symptoms without resorting to antibiotics would be a great result.


What remedies have been prescribed?

I have taken a ‘belt & braces’ approach because I want people to noticeably improve. Everyone has been prescribed 3 remedies:

Streptococcus Pyogenes, a remedy made from the streptococcal bacteria itself. (please note that this is VERY dilute, it is more like an ‘energy signature’ or piece to software that reminds the body how to fight the bug).

– A remedy to address the person’s susceptibility to illness. This has commonly been either carcinosin or syphilinum.

– The indicated remedy based on the person’s unique symptom picture. This has either been a clearly indicated remedy or a bowel nosode. I have mentioned elsewhere that I feel bowel nosodes are an amazingly powerful tool that we have for treating autism & PANDAS symptoms. They can often repair a damaged or inflamed bowel.

Ideally this trial would have been double-blinded, have a control group, have another group ONLY taking the Streptococcus remedy, a group taking placebo, a group only taking bowel nosodes etc etc… but time, energy and resource restraints precluded this…. and I wanted to help people, I would not have been comfortable with the ethics of giving people a placebo and watching their symptoms possibly deteriorating. Perhaps in the future I will run another trial with the aid of the HRI with a view to having the results published in a scientific journal.

I’m very pleased that positive reports are already coming in. Once the trial is finished I will send another questionnaire for the participants to fill in, and publish the results.

It is a privilege working with you all.

Disclaimer: This is not a Clinical Trial