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Like most homeopaths I suppose, I am haunted by the idea that all my patients are going to come back & report that ‘nothing’s changed’. Because of this wavering faith in my abilities I often prescribe more than one remedy over the course of a month & repeat the doses often. Usually this works out fine, the patient comes back, things have moved along & on we go. However yesterday I had the same lesson from two different patients… Don’t change the remedy too soon!

They came to see me with similar diagnoses, chronic fatigue syndrome…a catch-all term for when the medics don’t know what is wrong. They both had differing aetiologies & symptom pictures & consequently had different first prescriptions: Nat mur & carcinosin for one, Lycopodium & carcinosin for the other. Both have been with me for about 5 months & are much improved (lymph glands in the neck have returned to normal, normal sleeping pattern & bowel routine, energy levels much improved etc). They have had various other remedies in the last few months as I attempted to consolidate their healing.

Both came back for their 4th or 5th appointment & told me off (nicely!). They had improved tremendously during the first month or two of treatment, but were now going backwards. I retook the cases & it was glaringly obvious that they both just need more of what I prescribed for them originally! A good lesson for me & one I could only learn from experience….if the patient is improving & the symptom picture hasn’t changed, repeat the prescription.

So, a big thank you to all my past, present & future patients!