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Like most people in the west, I have had many vaccines. Around 15 years ago I was given LOTS  of them all at once (including yellow fever & other tropical vaccines). Giving many jabs at one time is bad practice, even in pro-vaccine circles. Around 6 months later I began suffering from all sorts of symptoms: My knees both swelled up & became so painful that I could just about hobble around on high-strength painkillers, I had cystitis & was only able to pass small amounts of urine at a time which contained traces of blood…this wasn’t very comfortable! I also was passing quite alot of blood in my stools & had some sort of skin reaction, an allergic-type rash under my chin.

Of course I hot-footed it to the doctor…& then spent the next 18 months having blood sample after blood sample taken (the theory was that it was some sexually-transmitted disease, even though I wasn’t sexually-active at that time!). I went to see quite a few consultants too, was subjected to a very uncomfortable endoscopy, and had the fluid drained out of my knee & steroids injected into them. No-one offered me any explanation, I do remember mutterings of ‘rheumatoid factors’ in my blood, but I was treated like a test-subject. If I asked the consultants what they had found, I was told that they’d inform my doctor & I could ask him! The whole experience was rather dehumansing.

After the 18 months, the only remaining symptoms were the slightly swollen yet still painful knees…I lied about these & said they felt better just to get myself away from the whole medical-machine. I couldn’t exercise too hard after this, I had to be careful of my knees & limit myself to two runs a week (even then they ached afterwards)…& if I knelt for any length of time I practically needed a crane to get me back on my feet! This was the new ‘normal’ for years…at the time I didn’t connect the vaccines with what happened to me, it was just ‘one of those things’.

Eventually I started studying homeopathy, though at that stage I had never been to a homeopath myself (which might sound strange!). When we started studying ‘vaccinosis’ (illnesses caused by vaccination) a lightbulb went off in my head & I realised that’s probably what had happened to me. So, I tested that theory: I took a homeopathic remedy called Carcinosin. A few days later I started experiencing all the symptoms I had had years before, though in a milder form. This is exactly in accordance with homeopathic theory: If something has left an imprint in your body that you never fully recovered from (this could be injury, illness, ill-effects of medicines or drugs, or an emotional trauma), giving the correct remedy will often cause a return of your old symptoms as part of the process of cure. It is like your body is finally able to release what it had been unable to fully process before.

A couple of months later I realised that after many years, my knees no longer ached.

If anyone believes they or someone they know may have been damaged by vaccines, or indeed any chemical drug, send me a message & I’ll try to help.