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In my earlier post I told you of my personal story, of the damage done to me by vaccines & how I used homeopathy to repair it. However, this isn’t the end of the story.

While the remedy carcinosin can help repair some of the affects of vaccinations, it doesn’t always work. Or more often, it PARTIALLY works.  I was still searching for the removal of ALL effects of vaccinations, because the more I studied, the more I realised that so many of us have unknowingly been badly damaged by vaccines. I don’t believe it is a coincidence that the MASSIVE increase in autism cases has corresponded with a MASSIVE increase in the amount of vaccinations that children are given. Nor do I think it’s a coincidence that cats & dogs are now undergoing yearly vaccine booster shots, and that there is a pandemic in chronic degenerative illnesses in our pets. Vaccine-damage often only presents as a ‘minor’ complaint, such as hayfever or other allergies. However these are warning signs that our immune-systems are starting to malfunction.

The first person to coin the term ‘vaccinosis’ was a brilliant London homeopath named Dr Compton-Burnett, who wrote a book in the 19th century on vaccine damage & it’s cure by the homeopathic remedy Thuja. He had also already been successfully using homeopathic remedies made from tubercular material to inoculate people against TB for five years before Professor Koch famously ‘invented the first vaccine for TB’ in 1890. In fact using tubercular material in this way has been recorded for centuries. (That’s Dr Burnett in the picture above)

I also discovered the work of a Swiss homeopath called Dr Elmiger in his book Rediscovering Real Medicine. He discovered that many of the children he treated didn’t respond properly to the indicated homeopathic remedy until he had given all their vaccinations back (in homeopathic form) in reverse chronological order. In other words, he gave a remedy made from the most recent vaccine back first, then waited for it to complete it’s action, then gave the 2nd most recent vaccine back…& so on. He documented some remarkable cures using this method.

More recently I have discovered the work of Dr Tinus Smits who has successfully treated hundreds of cases of autism using a similar method. He developed a program called CEASE (Complete Elimination of Autistic Spectrum Expression)…in other words, he wasn’t merely trying to ameliorate symptoms, he was aiming to completely remove any signs of autism. He believed autism was the result  auto-intoxication… the body was just too full of toxins due to the modern world (con-med drugs, heavy metals, pollution, vaccinations), & autism was the result. He then tested & proved this idea by detoxing autistic children using homeopathy & supplements. Some of the video testimonies from grateful parents are humbling. Dr Smits used a similar method to Dr Elmiger, giving homeopathic remedies made from vaccines in reverse chronological order (you can find details of Dr Smits work in his book: Autism, Beyond Despair). However he began to simplify his methods as it could sometimes take two or three years before he had worked back through a child’s vaccine schedule. He experimented by combining ALL the vaccines in one homeopathic remedy. This worked beautifully & allowed the healing to take place much more rapidly.

Which brings me to what I’ve been up to recently. As I mentioned, I had already repaired much of my vaccine damage using the remedy Carcinosin, however I wanted to make sure that no taint remained. Dr Smits combined remedy allows a very simple way to test this. You simply take 1 pill twice a week, if no symptoms occur (such as a cold, flu, fever, excess sweating, urination or bowel movements), then take a higher potency of the same remedy…& repeat. I began taking his remedy in 30C. I’m up to 200C now, & every time I’ve taken this potency I get a cold! I’m on the ‘all-tea diet’ at the moment to help the accompanying sore throat!

Some might find it strange that I’m experimenting on myself in this way, but I like testing these things & I’d much rather have cold symptoms for a few days than carry around unseen vaccine damage for the rest of my days. If these author’s theories are correct, then vaccines are doing damage to millions of people & animals around the world. It is fantastic that we have a way of reversing this damage using homeopathy.

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