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A vial of the H1N1 flu vaccine is shown during early trials at the University of Maryland in Baltimore

As a large part of my practice involves using homeopathic remedies to DETOXIFY vaccines and other toxins that autistic children have been exposed to,  I felt it might be useful to write a post explaining a little more about what I do.

Are Vaccines Toxic?

The short answer to this is yes! The cocktail of live viruses, heavy metals, antibiotics, preservatives, and other ingredients in a typical vaccine are certainly not inert innocuous substances. There is just no way of quantifying how toxic this combination is to any one individual at any one time.  It is dependent on many variables:  the maturity of their immune system, inherited toxic load, sex differences, their health on the day of vaccination, genetic variability of detoxification pathways (e.g methylation processes in the liver) to name a few.   All of these factors can determine just how well a person copes with the onslaught of vaccinations. These toxins can also be cumulative – and we can see the results of this, as the childhood vaccination schedule has grown rapidly so the rate of autism has skyrocketed.

What can we do?

Reversing vaccine damage is the bulk of the work in my practice.  I have an effective protocol that stimulates the body to eliminate toxic components of the vaccines that for any of the reasons cited above, have remained in the body wreaking havoc, rather than being broken down and excreted.

Most parents will be familiar with the controversy around vaccines and possible links to autism.  In my opinion, this is more than a possibility.  I see it in practice all the time – the detoxification of vaccines using homeopathic remedies, leading to a marked improvement in autistic presentation following a visible detox reaction.  This could take the form of rashes, fever, increased urination, sweats, diarrhea: some way that the body has been stimulated to let go of some of the toxins that it has been holding onto.

So, What’s your next step?

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Note: I spent a considerable amount of time researching this post. What became apparent was the difficulty in tracking down exactly what ingredients each vaccine contained. It was almost if this information was being withheld…or shrouded in so much gobbledegook as to be unintelligible to the layman (this always sets off warning bells in my brain!)

Alan Freestone