Sharp Increase In Scottish Autism

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An article in The Scotsman today starts with this paragraph:


“The number of children in Scottish schools needing extra support due to autism has risen by 15% to almost 10,000 in just one year.” (emphasis mine)”


There is one sensible voice halfway through the article from one campaigner calling for a need to investigate ‘environmental factors’ into the causes of this remarkable rise.


However, the article was mostly a composite of opinions from various talking-heads supporting the twin myths of autism:


  • Autism is a life-long neurological condition (and that it is, by implication, of genetic origin)


  • Better detection methods are the sole reason for the rapid rise in autism cases to where it is at epidemic proportions in Scotland (1-in-68).


The article also failed to mention any of the common concomitant health issues that so frequently go along with ASD (such as chronic gut inflammation), I suppose because they kinda undermine the “this is all genetic” message that funnels billions of dollars of research money away from where it might do some good , and helps makes sure that the ‘autism industry’ will chug along for many years to come.

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