swine flu homeopathic vaccine

An interesting short clip from Australia.
Dr Isaac Golden, homeopathic vaccination expert
Mention of the Cuban leptospirosis prophylaxis

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  1. Tim December 23, 2009 at 8:46 pm #

    I hadn’t seen Dr Golden in person before though read his and George Vitoulkas’ exchanges a while back in hpathy.com. I couldn’t understand why GV doesn’t appear to want to go down the homeopathic prophylaxis road. Anyway, it’ll be very interesting to see what Isaac Golden and the Finlay Institute come up with “in a few months time”. I hope you will post it on your blog.
    It is alarming to hear it confirmed in this utube clip that the problem with the 1918 flu really was in yr 2 of the epidemic as a result of a mutation of the original virus. I wish the interviewers had had more knowledge on the subject to be able to challenge Prof P regarding exactly how likely it was that conventional medication in 1918 suppressing fever with aspirin etc could have set the scene for the mentioned mutation., or what other factors could have been at work to produce this result. In any event the homeopathy alternative is something that any sensible government should be evaluating at this moment having been reminded of its efficacy in the Cuban leptospirosis situation. Why are they so frightened of conducting some tests eg in our homeopathic hospitals?

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