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PANDAS case-study

Cow trumps Panda – A PANDAS Case-Study

Forgive the strange title, this is a case-study where I use a homeopathic remedy called Pyrogen (which is made from a steak that was left out in the sun for 2 weeks!) to greatly alleviate a teenage girl’s PANDAS symptoms. This is still an ongoing case, so I won’t reveal too much. The girl is […]

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Dogma, Not Science – How doctors have turned their backs on the causes of autism

  I’m a homeopath specialising in treating autism. I sit at my desk from Monday to Friday hearing the same story over & over again,   “Little Jimmy was a beautiful baby…met all his milestones…talking at 10 months…always laughing…slept well. Then we had him vaccinated at 14 months. That night he was screaming in pain […]

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Ultrasound Detox Challenge

This idea was prompted by some research published which hints at a connection between exposure to excessive ultrasounds in susceptible individuals, and ASD symptoms. If anyone is interested in testing whether ultrasounds were a problem for themselves or their children, please fill the form in and I’ll send you the protocol to follow. Let’s take […]

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Autism and Pesticide Exposure

A study published this week in Environmental Health Prospectives appears to show that pregnant women that live in farming districts where pesticides are routinely sprayed have a 60% greater chance of having children with autism. Here are their conclusions:  “This study of ASD strengthens the evidence linking neurodevelopmental disorders with gestational pesticide exposures, and particularly, […]

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Sharp Increase In Scottish Autism

An article in The Scotsman today starts with this paragraph:   “The number of children in Scottish schools needing extra support due to autism has risen by 15% to almost 10,000 in just one year.” (emphasis mine)”   There is one sensible voice halfway through the article from one campaigner calling for a need to […]

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Autism Cured By Fever?

Give me a chance to create fever and I will cure any disease Parmenides (ancient Greek physician) In a curious piece of synchronicity, a few weeks ago I found myself hearing about the beneficial effects of a fever on some children with autism from both a patient’s personal experience, and from a piece of research […]

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Free & Low-Cost Autism Clinic in London

  I’m very pleased to announce that the new CHE Autism Treatment Centre is opening from 16th September 2013. The first 24 families to register their child will receive FREE consultations & remedies. The consultations will take place in the renowned Hale Clinic a stones throw from Regents Park. If you would be interested in […]

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