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A Testicular torsion is as painful as it sounds. It occurs when the spermatic cord twists, cutting off the blood supply to the testicle. This is a surgical emergency.

One of my autism patients had a testicular torsion very recently. His mum contacted me in distress originally believing it to be orchitis (an inflammation of the testes, usually caused by bacteria) as he has suffered from this before. However it quickly became clear that the situation was more serious. He was taken to the emergency room and they were told that the only treatment was surgery the next day and removal of the testicle. Obviously his mum didn’t want this and contacted me again asking for remedies that could help. I’ll be honest, this is the first time I’d been ask to treat this condition, I remember studying it in college, but you don’t tend to see it in everyday practice! I suggested a few remedies for the mum to try and crossed my fingers.

Unfortunately the only one of these remedies she had access too was Pulsatilla 1M. She gave it as directed, along with several other remedies she thought might help.

They were due to have the surgery TODAY, but the stunned surgeon said it was no longer necessary as the cord has untwisted somehow (!) and the teste now doesn’t need to be removed. There is one relieved mum out there this evening.

UPDATE: Actually the cord HADN‘T untwisted as I believe, it actually had a double twist in it…but the surgeon did not have to remove the testicle because somehow it was still in good health. The doctor stated that it was a ‘miracle’, he performs this operation at least once a week & has never seen anything like it!

I am SO pleased at this result, Isn’t homeopathy incredible?!