M.B (USA) Autism.

…”before my initial consultation with Alan, my four and half year old little man was running round in circles every evening…he was leading by hand pushing me from behind to lead me to the confectionery cupboard then just standing there..! He now points, oh my god my son points, he says “mummy”, “cloud mummy”, “sweet mummy”, “juice mummy”, “no”..! boy, I can’t tell you how this has made me feel. Honestly, my son was vacant most of the day, now he comes up right to my face looks me square in the eye and demands his scooter he says, “mummy playground”..! Yes only two words sentences but two words which is functional language something my son has never had..!

Alan has been phenomenal in selecting the correct remedies for E, I feel like my prayers have been answered. I’m so excited for E and this journey we’re on..I truly believe my son’s autism was a direct result of vaccines. He was a happy-go-lucky little boy, but soon after being vaccinated he had a high fever and became lost in his own world not responding to anyone calling out his name, constantly displaying obsessive repetitive behaviours. But now such behaviours are rapidly phasing out..! All thanks to the wonderful Alan Freestone!!! Im looking forward to starting the new remedies and this journey in helping my beautiful son recover..! From a very happy and hopeful mother…x”

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