B.W (USA) – Autism

My son was diagnosed with autism at 2 ½. He had no spontaneous language, little eye contact and it was very difficult to get his attention.

After diet and vitamins, we saw some improvement, but it wasn’t until we started with homeopathy that we started to see big gains. My son made a lot of progress over the years, but was still clearly on the spectrum.

But then, around age 6, he started developing tics and with them, came regression. I don’t think there is a more terrible word in the autism world than regression. To watch your child lose skills that they have previously gained is so heartbreaking. Our homeopath at the time would give him a remedy and he would gain back what he lost, only to suffer from tics again and with them, regression.

This was a cycle that went on for more than two years when I decided to contact Alan. In just a year, I am amazed at the progress my son has made, and more importantly, has never lost. The protocol is much more aggressive, and has worked so much faster. At this point my son is 9 and I see little evidence of autism. His social skills are such that I can take him to the playground and sit and read a book as I know he is OK. Also he has performed in his school talent show and recently starred in a play at theater camp. I am so grateful for where he is at and so happy that I decided to contact Alan.

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