D.D (USA) Female, 3 years old, Sensory Processing Disorder

“It is amazing that after just few days I could see already some gains from the homeopathy. Unfortunately my daughter was born with some health issues like SPD (sensory processing disorder), low muscle tone, always an extremely picky eater, digestive issues like chronic constipation and she was also unable to bond with me. Since the first day of her life, I was worried about her health and I have lost many nights of sleep reading, trying to find ways to help her, at that point I was drowning in a sea of sadness.

I went to 6 pediatricians, 3 nurses, chiropractors and no one was able to help her, I was at my wits end but I never gave up trying to find a way to improve her health . After one year on a special diet and taking supplements we had some gains but it was not yet enough, so I decided to give homeopathy a try. We were not so lucky with our first homeopath but my heart was telling me, we were in the right path, so after researching I heard excellent reviews about Alan Freestone and booked immediately a consultation with him and I’m so happy I did it.

We are now on the 5th week of our journey with Alan and I feel for the first time that I can relax because I know my daughter is in good hands, finally a professional who listened to me and is solving her health issues.

Nowadays she is more loving, more calm, bowels working regularly, trying slowly new foods and sleeping much better, she is even considering to sleep in her own bed, before homeopathy she would only sleep if I was lying beside her.

I have no words to describe my gratitude to Alan and I feel that soon all the worries I’ve always had because of my daughter’s health will be gone. Thank you so much Alan!”

This was a great case. Remedies used:

Lac Maternum (mother’s milk). Often very useful if there was little/no breast feeding & mother & child had difficulty bonding.

Plumbum (lead) & Alumina (aluminium). Both very useful for constipation.

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