G.S (UK) – Attention Deficit Disorder

We have been working with Alan for the past three months for my son who showed many symptoms of ADD we had worked with my sons diet for two years prior to starting homeopathy with Alan and he showed some improvement with that, but many struggles still remained – he had a tic and constantly picked at his skin, he could not sit at peace at home or school, transitioning was a huge problem for him also! School had become a huge battle and he was starting to want to stay home more and more.

After the first lot of remedies we noticed improvement in all aspects, the sense of calm these remedies have brought is astounding he can now pay attention the tic he had is gone and no more skin picking, he seems to get happier by the day. The anger he always showed is gone, speaking with his teacher she said he had made significant progress over the last twelve weeks!! I can’t thank Alan enough I feel my sons future is no longer a dark one but a bright and happy one.

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